About Us

Warren took over an existing gun store in November 2006. He has always had a passion for the firearms industry and brought his extensive retail experience with him. Since then, we’ve been doing our best to provide Colorado with affordable, well- made handguns and long guns. However, we do have some “fix-it” firearms for those who enjoy a challenge.

We try to carry a little bit of everything; Our store selection is diverse and always changing. We specialize in special ordering, personal and home defense, consignment and estates.

G7G Guns store

G & G Guns buys, sells, trades, and consigns firearms. If you would like to look into selling or consigning your firearm, please bring it in for us to look at. Make sure the weapon is not loaded. If you have all of the original papers and the box, make sure you bring that, too.

We are also looking for WW II collectibles; including uniforms, knives, flags, and firearms, antique firearms from 1898 and prior, and law enforcement badges and patches.

Estates can be stressful enough, if scheduling a time to come to the store does not work we are more than happy to come to your home to help you out.

If you are in need of storing your firearms for a season or for legal matters we can help with that too, please know that you will have to do a background check to get them out of storage.

  • $20.00 for the paperwork
  • $10.00 a month per gun
  • Background checks run $10.50